I was born in 1997 in the canton of Fribourg, in Switzerland, and I have been attracted by cameras from a very young age. In 2006, I purchased a cheap little camera with which my brothers, neighbors and I set up our first criminal series. A few years later, I left human beings aside and started to get interested in wild animals. I never really planned it, it just happened by chance. As I was accompanying my mother outside the village to pick up some herbs, I looked up and spotted a green woodpecker knocking on the bark of a tree. Armed with my camera and my arms extended towards the sky, I managed to film it, so poorly however that it was difficult to recognize what was on the video. I then had to go back to improve the shot. Well, to be honest, I have kept going back there ever since.

I wanted to know what was hidden in nature. My granddad Marcel taught me some of his secrets. We would spend whole afternoons, a cup of tea in our hands, watching the birds in the garden through the glass door. He’s a fine connoisseur and a former amateur photographer, too. He brilliantly immortalized the importants objects of the sky. To see the rings of Saturn through the lenses of his telescope had almost become a routine for him, but his passion was making my eyes shine.

In 2007, I created the magazine “chnature” with my twin brother Sébastien. It was a little magazine that focused on local wildlife and people from the area who were passionate about nature, just like us. We would narrate all of our trips, up until 2016.

Even today, as a photographer in training, the interest I feel for the wildlife has not left me. I also collaborate with big European companies when there are purchase orders for photographs for specific printed products as well as a London image agency for the international diffusion of the photographs.


–Translated from French by Sarah Knoepfli

Solo exhibitions

2021 : “Fribourg sauvage” for Ville de Fribourg
2018 : Official opening at “181 degrés” in Payerne
2017 : Adent clinic of Martigny
2016 : Blancherie in Payerne – Revitalisation des cours d’eau


Group exhibitions

2020 : Exposition PPAF, Galerie Hofstetter
2020 : Photo Esplanade spéciale PPAF, Château de Gruyères
2019 : Drei Seen/Trois Lacs, with Michel Roggo, Museum Murten
2017 : Morat Festival des Lumières, mapping movie
2014 : Festival Natur’Images of Tignécourt
2014 : Festival Images de Nature of Bex
2013 : GYB Restaurant in Payerne
2013 : Festival Images de Nature of Bex
2012 : Art Montagny
2012 : Festival of Montier-en-Der, ASPN stand
2011 : Library of Domdidier



2017-2019 : Vevey Photography School


Works in public collections

State of Fribourg
Museum Murten